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Streamlining Medical Device Manufacturing through Automation

Medical device manufacturing companies encounter persistent challenges such as escalating costs, scarcity of skilled labor, and supply chain inefficiencies. To overcome these hurdles, businesses are increasingly leveraging automated technologies.

In addition to providing increased production speed and accuracy, automated technologies enhance workers' safety by reducing their direct exposure.

Collaborative Robotics for Manufacturing (CoBots)
CoBots are robots that can work together with humans. They use advanced sensors and machine vision to detect their environment, allowing them to work safely without assistance from a human operator. CoBots provide increased accuracy in medical device assembly processes while reducing costs significantly.

Automated Assembly Systems
Automated assembly systems use robots and automated machines to assemble medical devices. These systems offer high accuracy and repeatability, which is essential for medical device production. Automated assembly systems are also cost-effective and reduce labor costs significantly.

Pick-and-place operations and processes
Pick-and-place operations involve robots and automated machines that pick up components or parts and place them correctly for further assembly. Pick-and-place systems provide fast, accurate, and reliable performance, reducing the need for manual labor while also increasing production efficiency.

Packaging Automation
Packaging automation involves robots and automated machines that handle product packaging, such as organizing, sealing, and labeling. This type of automation reduces labor costs while improving the accuracy and efficiency of medical device packaging.

medical automation
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  • Syringe and vial filling & capping
  • Volumetric and weigh filling
  • Laser marking
  • Cardiovascular applications
  • Pipette handling, sorting, and cutting Blister pack sorting, filling, sealing and inspection
  • Contact lens cutting, handling and inspection
  • Clean room experience: class 6,8,9 + more
  • Surgical instruments
    • Suture end prep
    • Surgical needle and suture assembly
    • Suture wrapping
    • Extrusion of suture material
    • Packaging lab equipment/wound care
  • Leak testing
  • IV bag inspection and automation systems
  • Assembly solutions, dispense applications
  • Inspection and testing applications

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