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panel build

MTA maintains the ability to build panels of any size, quantity, and specification. From building panels to support our automation efforts to supplying custom panels in various sizes and quantities to multiple customers, MTA has an experienced panel build staff to meet any specific need. Through continuous training, MTA’s staff remains current on the latest industry standards and certifications.


  • Follow all NFPA / NEC standards
  • Extensive experience building UL compliant and CE certifiable panels
  • Expansive vendor network allows MTA to keep up-to-date on new technologies and easily procure all required components.
  • Utilize Brady Labeling System to easily identify all wire ends and components.
  • Incorporate 10% to 15% spare space inside each enclosure to allow for future additions
  • Custom cable builds

Based on careful research and client input, electrical schematics and panel layout drawings are created in AutoCAD along with a bill of materials (BOM) in Microsoft Excel with recommended spares marked. The schematics, drawings and BOM are then sent for a design review and approval before the build process begins.

panel features
quality testing


Prior to shipping or being integrating into an automation system, each completed panel will receive an extensive point-to-point (yellow line) verification. In addition, each panel will complete a power up with fuse and circuit breaker verifications. 


Shipment includes both hard and soft copies of the following as-built documentation:

  • Electrical schematics
  • Panel layout drawings
  • Bill of materials
  • Vendor documentation

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