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MTA’s standard Documentation Package for design and build machines includes:

  • User manual (includes operation, maintenance and troubleshooting)
  • Vendor literature (cutsheets and manuals provided by OEMs)
  • Controls program
  • Electrical design documents
    • Electrical schematic drawings
    • Panel layout drawings
    • Pneumatic schematic drawings
    • Bill of materials
  • Mechanical design documents
    • Model drawing
    • Assembly drawings
    • Bill of materials

Custom documentation capabilities

  • CE certifications (includes third-party EMC testing)
  • Technical files for CE conformity
  • UL testing from third-party test groups
  • FDA qualification manuals to include:
    • Installation qualification manual
    • Operational qualification manual
    • Performance qualification manual
Custom documentation capabilities
user manual

User manual for custom equipment

MTA’s technical writer provides a user manual including the following:

  • Safety information and procedures
  • Explanation of equipment, controls and indicators
  • Operating procedures
  • Maintenance instructions and preventative schedules
  • Troubleshooting
  • Recommended spare parts