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Mechanical design

Custom Automation

MTA‘s internal design department applies their experience and expertise to develop a safe and reliable automation solution. The design team’s involvement actually starts in the beginning, at the concept phase. The team will carefully review the specifications and system requirements with the customer to ensure the proposed concept will meet or exceed all their expectations. This same interaction with the customer will continue throughout the design phase as well through scheduled design reviews. These design reviews can be in person or through web meetings such as Web-Ex, Go-To-Meeting, Skype, or others.

By investing heavily in continuing education and training, MTA’s engineers and designers are able to stay apprised of the latest technologies and components and how to integrate them to provide our clients with the best possible automation solutions.

Mechanical design

Before the build process can begin MTA’s design team will create a complete and detailed mechanical design package based on the final concept. The team will have a final design review with the customer for any final additions or requests. During this review, the customer will be able to review a 3D model of the completed system.

At the conclusion of each successful project, MTA’s design team will provide a complete mechanical design package to the customer. This package will contain the following information:

  • Complete Solidworks models
  • Dimensional detail drawings
  • Assembly and Layout drawings
  • Commercial component data sheets
  • Bill of Materials
  • Suggested Spare Parts List
Electrical / Controls

Electrical / Controls

Coinciding with the mechanical design of each system, MTA’s design team will create a complete design package for the electrical / controls systems. This will ensure special consideration is taken to the location and integration of all systems components. Each electrical system is designed to meet NFPA/NEC, ISO, CE, and UL 508A standards. The electrical design package contains the following AutoCAD drawings and information:

  • Power distribution schematics for all required machine power
  • Network Architecture schematics.
  • Input / Output Schematics
  • Enclosure and Back Panel Layout drawings
  • Loop Drawings
  • Device Location and Layout drawings
  • Cable routing diagrams
  • Hydraulic and/or Pneumatic Schematics
  • Commercial component data sheets
  • Bill of Materials/Spare Parts List

Upon request, MTA can provide the following as well:

  • Integrating components and systems provided by other OEMs
  • Control system upgrades on existing equipment
  • Control system conversions on existing equipment
  • UL508A, NRTL and CE certifications

3D modeling and 2D drawings

Engineers and designers utilize SolidWorks to build 3D system models.
Electrical schematics and 2D drawings for each component are generated using AutoDesk® AutoCAD©.

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